TomTom Steyer is an internationally acclaimed illustrator for the advertising industry. His experience results from over a thousand commissions and his expertise is in worldwide demand.

After graduating from Chelsea School of Art in London, Tom started his career as a painter. Numerous exhibitions for the next six or seven years led him to meet and work for rock stars like Mark Knopfler and prestigious companies like Jaguar Cars until he met Tom Stimpson who introduced him to the art of airbrushing.

With a new tool and his realistic style he soon made a name for himself as airbrush illustrator for advertising and freelanced for many clients in England and Australia.

In the mid 90s he embraced the new technology of digital airbrushing with fearless enthusiasm. It meant a whole box of constantly advancing tools which offered him new challenges in 3D modeling and animation.

Tom provides excellent service on principal and goes beyond the job because he has a passion for it.